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Who We Are

Mycophyte Solutions is a group of biological consultants that assist farmers and land owners integrate fungi and other biology into their growing practices. We educate farmers, growers, and gardeners about sustainable practices and how to best implement regenerative farming techniques into their systems.

Mycophyte Solutions specializes in plant/fungal interactions; everything from fungi to endophytes to bud molds. We can help formulate IPM strategies to minimize your pest pressure while optimizing plant health.

What We Do

At Mycophyte Solutions, we encourage life.

We use biological systems to improve environments and farming systems. Whether this be a conventionally grown corn field switching to organic practices, regenerative hemp farming or municipalities aiming to clean up a toxic environment, we will use biology to improve the ecosystem. Through our understanding of botany, forestry, mycology, ecology, agriculture, biology and permaculture, we develop strategic solutions and integrate them into the system to enhance the environment in question.

Who Can Benefit
From Our Services

Mycophyte Solutions makes our services accessible and effective for anyone looking to improve the use of their land and their environmental impact.


   Organic Farmers

   Conventional Farmers

   Cannabis Farmers

   Compost Facilities


  Fertilizer Companies

  Mushroom Growers

  Land Owners

  Park Districts


  Businesses with Toxic Run-Off

Certified Crop Advisors

Our team members hold various certifications including certified crop advisor, Elaine Ingham’s Soil Food Web School (expired certification), and DEM Pure Certification. We take soil samples, will analyze the results and recommend amendments, cover crops and fertilizer applications.

Mycophyte Solutions will bring more biological diversity into your farming systems. This will boost productivity and profitability all while regenerating soil life and fertility.

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