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Taking a scientific approach to Cannabis cultivation, we offer a unique perspective on to grow this plant more sustainably while still maintaining high quality and yields. We are influenced by Dragonfly Earth Medicine, Paul Stamets, Biodynamics, Permaculture, Korean Natural Farming, Elaine Ingham, William Albrecht, and many others. We integrate these schools of thoughts to develop innovative, regenerative methods for growing Cannabis crops.

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Fertility Programs

• Permaculture Techniques
• Sustainable Inputs & Fertilizer Plans
• Improve Soil Biology by Increasing
Fungal & Microbial Content

Integrated Pest Management

• Pathogen Identification
• Endophyte Isolation and Inoculation
• B
iological Approaches & IPM Product Suggestions
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upport Plant Immune System
• Companion Planting and Pollinator Gardens

Soil Improvement Strategies

• Mulch Systems & Fungal Mulch Inoculation
• Cover Crop/Companion Planting Schedules & Blends
• Organic Matter Management

Product Development

• Seed Saving
• Breeding Program Development
• Feminized Seed Production (Non-DEM Pure)
• Chemotype Development

Soil Test

• Soil Audit
(Chemical, Compaction, Infiltration)
• Soil Biology
• Nutrient Profile 

DEM Pure Certification

• Certify Eligible Farms
• Site & System Evaluations
• H
elp Farmers Achieve What’s Needed for Certification
• Sustainable Input Sourcing, Group Purchases, Wholesale Pricing

Regenerative Farming

Regenerative Farming is a term often used that represents farmers with land management practices that generate topsoil and increase soil fertility from season to season, with minimal applications of fertilizers. We use these practices along with biological inputs to promote a healthy soil biology that is capable of producing and consuming various forms of organic matter. 

The application of fungal and microbial inoculants, along with mulch systems and other organic amendments, is an effective way to attract some of the native organisms that are essential in creating a robust soil ecosystem that is proficient in cycling nutrients and storing water. Soil organic matter is produced as a result of these microbial communities consuming the applied mulches and amendments. 

This increase in soil organic matter is a foundational step in restoring soil health and offers enormous benefits to both the farm and the environment. Visit our agricultural services tab to learn more about how this soil organic matter can help you grow resilient crops and increase your soil’s productivity.

Dragonfly Earth Medicine

Dragonfly Earth Medicine has been essential in bringing these practices to the cannabis industry and their movement has gained an outpouring of support. The resulting community has created a meaningful certification that is meant to signify the farmer’s commitment to the land, the earth, and to the betterment of this industry. The DEMpure certification is the most extensive organic cannabis certification that is currently available and it’s also the only certification that cannot be bought. To become certified you will need a pure certified farmer or consultant to visit your property and evaluate whether or not your farm represents the values of the collective. This can range anywhere from using too many commercial soils and nutrients,  to growing cannabis that doesn’t compare to the quality of the other farms in the collective. Learn more the certification and what the community has to offer at

Elaine Ingham & the Soil Food Web

Elaine Ingham and the Soil Food Web School is another group that is responsible for the introduction of biology and soil building techniques to the Cannabis industry. Our head scientist has taken her classes and we’ve worked with Soil Food Web students to produce ‘biologically complete’ compost. This term is used for composts and soils that contain a quantity and ratio of soil organisms that are able to outcompete pathogens, sustain nutrient cycling, and improve overall soil efficiency and structure. Visit our agricultural services tab to learn more about how we integrate these schools of thought into cannabis cultivation.

Korean Natural Farming

Korean Natural Farming is a holistic branch of agriculture that works with nature to increase soil biology and reduce fertilizer costs. Various methods are used to culture and increase the populations of indigenous microorganisms from healthy ecosystems and to add them back into areas that are lacking biology. Many of these methods involve simple items that can be found in your household: Starches are used to attract indigenous organisms, sugars are added to boost their populations, and these communities are then used to ferment plants, weeds, and food scraps. These fermentations can be made into shelf stable fertilizer concentrates that are packed full of phytonutrients, growth hormones, and indigenous organisms that are well accustomed to thrive and serve valuable functions in the given ecosystem.

Helping Farmers Reach Their Goals

Cannabis farmers have unique requirements when it comes to crop genetics. These needs are even specific within Cannabis agriculture, differing among those growing for various types of cannabinoid rich flower, seed for food, or hurd and fiber. We can work with farmers to explain the options given to them under their regulatory system, whether operating under federal hemp or state regulated medical and recreational Cannabis laws.  Regardless, acquiring or producing the correct genetics that are best suited to your environment is paramount to ensure a successful crop. For farmers who already have desirable or proprietary genetics, we can help them develop seed saving protocols or breeding schemes appropriate to maintaining and improving quality genetics so that each farmer can reach their cultivation and market goals. 

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